Eibach E8550-140 Performance Pro-Kit Springs

Springs Eibach E8550-140 Performance Pro-Kit Springs

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The Eibach Pro-Kit is the perfect solution for your car. The best spring system maximizes the handling of your car and gives a sporty look. The Pro-Kit lowers the heavy center point of your car and reduces the feather out of the springs during you give speed. Also will be reduced the curl of the car-body when braking. The Eibach Pro-Kit in combination with the proper wheels and tires is the guarantee of success for optimum performance. The Pro-Kit reduces also the unnecessary distance between the tires and wheel house and gives a sporty look to your car. Eibach Pro-Kit are designed by our suspension engineers and test experts to provide a combination of sporty design and performance, without to lose safety or quality.

Eibach E8550-140 Performance Pro-Kit Springs,Springs,Chassis,Suspension,Parts,Motorcycle & Powersports

Eibach E8550-140 Performance Pro-Kit Springs

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