H&R 29439-1 Sport Spring

Springs H&R 29439-1 Sport Spring

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Every spring produced by comes from the ISO 9001 certified engineering and manufacturing facility in Germany. All springs are produced from a special 54SiCr6 spring steel, which has strength rated at 290,000 pound per square inch resulting in unrivaled tensile strength and resiliency. Sport Springs offer the handling characteristics and aggressive appearance that you've been looking for, without the harsh ride characteristics of less-advanced spring systems. Sport Springs feature more control and are engineered for the street, making them comfortable and fun to drive. Sport Springs are crafted from a special 54SiCr6 spring steel to ensure quality and performance. Features: Lower 1.5-2.0 inches on average. Superb ride quality.

H&R 29439-1 Sport Spring,Springs,Suspension,Parts,Motorcycle & Powersports,Motorcycle & Powersports

H&R 29439-1 Sport Spring

Kilen Coil Spring (Rear) 59142 Herth+Buss Jakoparts J4403010 Coil spring H&R 29076-5 Sport Spring BILSTEIN 36-267644 Low Fitting Springs COMP Cams (988-12) 1.384' O.D. Dual Valve Spring, (Set of 12) Bilstein 37-159108 Coil Spring TRW JCS517 Coil Spring Eibach E8591-140 Performance Pro-Kit Springs FIRSTINFO Universal Valve-spring Compressor and Replacement Tool FIRSTINFO TOOLS Co. Ltd. F3275 VV OP Astra H TwinTop 1.6/1.8 6/06 Blue Print ADG088354 coil spring - Pack of 1 COMP Cams 772-12 Titanium Retainer (26915/26918 Springs) H&R Springs 51655-77 H&R Super Sport Springs H&R 50776 Sport Spring MAPCO Coil Spring (70630) Pearl PB2371 Rear Trailing Arm Bush


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